While teaching at the University of Baghdad, Dr. N.Y. Misconi had a dream of immigrating to the United States of America.

Dr. Misconi’s memoir, “An Immigrant’s Journey into the Cosmos” highlights the political history in Baghdad, Iraq and the Middle East and the struggles of living there during religious and political unrest. After immigrating to the United States he continued studying astronomy.

Having spent decades working on high profile missions such as Pioneer 10 and 11, Skylab and Space Shuttle Columbia, Dr. Misconi is now an accomplished astronomer and solar system researcher.

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Dr. Donald Brownlee

"One of Dr. Misconi most significant publications was his 1979 Nature paper on streaming of interstellar grains into the solar system. The paper predicted that interstellar dust should stream into the solar system from the direction, the then detectable interstellar gas and it also described the interaction of the extrasolar particles with the solar wind and the IP (Interplanetary) magnetic field. The paper was timely and highly prophetic as the stream of interstellar dust was detected just a few years later by instruments on the Ulysses and Galeleo spacecraft."

Dr. Seung Soo Hong

"I still remember in one of those brain storming sessions he suggested to fire a "big gun" from a satellite to a nearby asteroid and to observe the scattered light of the Sun and man-made source by the dust excavated from the asteroid surface. The Space Astronomy Laboratory team couldn't materialize the idea then. But to think back, this was a brilliant idea, with which one can characterize the nature of ligorith particles for a reasonable price".

Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Commended the author citing his proposal to transform the Space Shuttle fleet, before retiring it, into a space tourism fleet, which would generate profits for NASA.

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Dr. Nebil Y. Misconi

Dr. N.Y. Misconi is an immigrant astronomer who dreamed of coming to the U.S. He has worked decades in astronomy and solar system research. Affiliations include the International Astronomical Union (IAU), American Astronomical Society (AAS), Fellow of The Royal Astronomical Society (F.R.A.S.) Sigma XI (The Scientific Research Society of North America) and Sigma Pi Sigma.


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